Integrated Project Delivery and Design Assist

Design-assist is a project delivery method in which the W.D. Manor Mechanical team collaborates with the owner’s team, general contractor, architect and engineer during the design phase.

W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors’ approach to Pre-Construction and Design Assist services is proactive and comprehensive, with a target value ensuring that the original budget remains intact without compromising the project. A project team is assembled based on the expertise and experience required for the magnitude of the project. The team normally consists of the Pre-Construction Manager, chief Project Manager, Project Superintendent and assisting Project Managers or Project Engineers as required. This team has in-house support, real time estimating/scheduling, CAD/BIM, and purchasing services available to assist at all points during pre-construction. At W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors, executive leadership also plays an active role in major project pre-construction activities.

Our ultimate goal is to provide successful mechanical services for a project that is on time, within budget and exceeds the requirements of the owner, while striving for no change orders and zero defects at project substantial completion.