Our Dialysis Box Eliminates Excess Dedicated Cold Water Distribution Piping By Installing A Pre-Fabricated Modular Dialysis Supply Wallbox


W.D. Manor Dialysis Box Diagram

US PATENT 8834718


W.D. Manor Dialysis Box w/ Thermostatic Mixing Valve

US PATENT 9724457


The dialysis process is performed by medical care providers.  In most all cases the health care specialist utilizes a dialysis machine that typically demands cold, potable water requiring 1.6 GPM with 30 PSI at the unit.  The process also entails that the waste water connection is adequate to receive no less than 1.6 GPM. Typically, a dialysis service cabinet requires one service box with a hose bib and drain connection, as well as, an additional access box for the backflow preventer and trap primer.  Many designs justify the need for a separate remote location for the backflow preventer with a dedicated supply line to each dialysis box.

Incorporating an all inclusive dialysis box into the design has multiple advantages. The WDMDB eliminates the need for excess dedicated cold water distribution piping, by concealing both a backflow prevention device and a trap primer inside of the access box.  This eliminates the cost and space requirements for additional wall space intended for remote backflow preventers, trap primers and for supplementary access doors. The benefits of utilizing a WDMDB are that it consolidates all the required components into one user friendly, esthetically pleasing and completely functional cabinet. Most importantly, it increases patients’ safety by protecting the water source at the point of connection.

The third generation WDMDB is now available with an optional thermostatic mixing valve for those colder climates that need, but do not have, tempered water.

Custom options available to include:

  • Quick-Disconnect Hose Couplings for Water
  • Hose Brackets
  • Access Door Configurations
  • Trap Seal Arrangements
  • Custom Sizes and Configurations


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