The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix showcases instruments from around the world with the aid of audio and video samples that exhibit the collection pieces in their natural cultural context.  The museum’s design features a palette of stone materials and subtle, modern massing that is drawn from the surrounding landscape.  Manor was selected as the design assist mechanical contractor for the HVAC and Plumbing systems for this 175,000 square foot facility because of their experience with sensitive environments and on-staff engineering expertise.  Construction started in May of 2008.  As the selected contractor, Manor was asked to assist the mechanical engineering firms with the design of a redundant mechanical system that is able to maintain 40% relative humidity and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, while able to sustain those values through equipment failure.  Work started in the schematic design phase of the project.

By working directly with the MEP designers, alternate humidification, ventilation and cooling systems were implemented to provide clean delivery of moist air to protect the sensitive contents. Value analysis was performed on all phases of the mechanical system, which resulted in eliminating budget creep, considering the design of this project was implemented during the height of material escalation in the construction industry.  BIM models were created to coordinate the installation of all trades, with Manor taking the lead role in the coordination effort. Construction quality in a facility as this is the ultimate goal, requiring mechanical systems to provide environmental control to tight tolerances with extended useful life.  These are difficult parameters, but utilizing quality brands with tried dependability is the key.  While working closely with consultants and the Ryan team, this project was completed on time and under the mechanical budget.