The H2O2 Expansion at MPC included a new 3,200 SF Class 1000 Cleanroom Laboratory with associated HVAC equipment consisting of two (2) 115-ton chillers and associated primary/secondary pumps and piping, cooling towers and condenser water pumps and piping, and a flat plate heat exchanger.  The new central plant supports two (2) 8,000 CFM MAU’s and two (2) 4,000 CFM RTU’s at the Cleanrooms.  The exhaust system included a new ammonia scrubber with energy recovery coils as part of the Cleanroom addition.  An acid waste system with dual contained piping, drained chemical waste to a neutralization tank.

The H202 system expansion added extensive piping for additional product production, distribution and storage.  An ultra-pure water system, new 250-ton mag bearing process chiller and extensive filtering capacity along with four each 20,000-gallon finished product tanks and two each 20,000-gallon raw product tanks were added.  Piping systems included PVDF at the ultrapure water system; Teflon-lined steel piping for the H202 finished product system; and stainless steel piping for the raw H202 lines.

W. D. Manor used BIM to coordinate the piping systems and allow for prefabricated piping spools to help accelerate the schedule.  Prefabrication also allowed Manor to minimize field welding and improve quality and productivity.