Vertical and Horizontal Expansion to Mayo’s PCAP Building

The East expansion project consisted of a 236,000-sf vertical expansion to Mayo’s existing clinic building, 60,000 sf expansion to its hospital and 6,000 sf cafeteria expansion, all including unique and difficult challenges

The 236,000 square foot vertical expansion to the existing clinic building includes doctors’ offices, exam rooms with mechanical room sandwiched between the existing building and the new vertical expansion.  Major modification to the mechanical room consists of ductwork, chilled and heating water, humidification, medical gas, domestic water, sanitary and roof drain modifications to support the vertical expansion. Special care and coordination were given to the exterior louvered walls.  100% of the louvers were removed and new decorative and architecturally pleasing louver were installed for both outside air and relief air.

The 60,000 square foot expansion to the existing Hospital contained new Environmental services, new Operating rooms complete with a major expansion to the perioperative and post-anesthesia care unit.  Operating rooms included a state-of-the-art premanufactured air distribution equipment complete with ultraviolet disinfecting lights, operating boom supports and specialty controls for pressurization requirements.

The 6,000 Sf cafeteria expansion included new grease interceptors, grease hoods/duct, fresh air make up air units as well as an upgrade to the natural gas system.  The project was completed without shutting down the existing cafeteria.