The project consisted of building 24 new patient rooms on the 7th floor of an existing hospital in full operation and building in-place two 30,000 CFM air handling units (AHU’s) to service the new patient rooms and future vertical expansion.   The only access to the project was through standard passenger elevators.  No pipe, ductwork, or components longer than 10ft could be transported up to the work area and no more than one-day’s material was allowed to be stored in the work area.  In order to overcome these logistical challenges, W.D. Manor employed full CAD BIM coordination, sequenced material deliveries, prefabrication of piping assemblies, and compartmentalized equipment design and assembly.  The two large AHU’s were fully designed by W.D. Manor and built in place.

Each unit consisted of 4” thick insulated panels, access doors, control dampers, cooling coils, supply and return fan arrays, pre and final filter racks, air blenders, UV lighting, outside air plenums, and humidifiers.  The 24 patient rooms and nursing staff areas are supplied by HEPA-filtered air and each patient room is positively pressurized and monitored allowing Mayo Clinic to use the rooms for both Bone Marrow transplant patients and / or standard patient use.   Plumbing consisted of medical gas to owner-furnished headwall units, domestic hot and cold water to each patient room, and waste and vent piping for patient rest rooms and staff areas.  Waste and vent piping for back-to-back patient rooms was prefabricated in W.D. Manor’s fabrication shop.