John C. Lincoln: North Mountain  3rd Floor Med-Surg Build-out

JCL-NM 3rd Floor Med-Surg Build-out, a 21,350SF Design/Assist project, consisted of the complete demolition of what was the hospital’s Labor and Delivery wing, to then what would become a new 28-bed Med-Surg Patient floor. One can only imagine the intricate coordination effort necessary to work above a working NICU / PICU with Operating Rooms and below an occupied Patient floor.

WDM was selected by the Owner and DPR Construction to perform the complete HVAC, plumbing and medical gases on the project. The entire construction team consisting of the Owner with Facilities and Construction Dept Mgr’s, Architect, Engineer and MEP&FP subcontractors met immediately to discuss the Owner’s IPD (Integrated Project Delivery)philosophy and how it would be implemented into this, their first IPD project. Our team met no less than weekly to review the schedule, budget, architectural challenges and of course all MEP & FP coordination challenges as the BIM model was being developed. The BIM model Lead was DPR construction however with very close collaboration and space management efforts by WDM as having the greatest impact to available space.

This project was also unique and considered to be “a first” in a couple of different aspects. The transitioning of the SWV and storm water piping from the failing cast iron to CPVC plastic lab waste. WDM worked very closely with the City of Phoenix to develop a UL compliant fire assembly for those transitions at the floor and ceiling locations. We also worked closely with the Team and COP to help design a code compliant Wet patient bathroom whereas the shower, toilet and lav are in the same room and then lastly, this project was one of the first in Az to use the brass Lock-Ring press fitting approved for a medical gas connection to the hospitals oxygen and med-air systems which saved the project and Owner substantial costs by avoiding a hospital wide shut-down.

As with all construction projects, the construction schedule from the Demo to the Certificate of O along with the related budget was critical, part of this Team’s prime focus. From our DD budget, the cost of the project only increased less than 3% via Owner approved and added scope changes by the time the Full and Final SCO was written, plus the job was handed over to the Owner roughly 30 days ahead of schedule.

This project was also the recipient of the 2013 ASHE Vista award for a Renovation project.