Intergrated Project delivery – Preconstruction, Building Information Modeling, Construction

HonorHealth Sonoran Medical Center is a greenfield 3-story 151,079 sqft hospital with central utility plant. The steel has been structured for an 111,642 sqft addition by future expansion of 3 additional floors on the patient tower.

The design, as well through the construction process on the project, was a Big Room (IPD – Integrated Project Delivery) concept. WDM was involved with HonorHealth, CRBE, McCarthy, Devenny and LSW in collaborative meetings focusing on reducing costs and expediting install.  WDM worked hand in hand with LSW Engineers to provide content for the BIM as well as coordination of the model. All of this allowed for an enhanced install through prefabrication of systems which in turned reduced costs for WDM as well as the owner.  The process also allowed for completion of the project in a shorter timeframe than typical stick built construction.

The first floor is comprised of Emergency Department, CSPD, OR’s, MRI, Critical Care, Administration, Kitchen and Maintenance Services.  Second floor is comprised of Med/Surg patient unit. Third floor will house Women Services (C-Section, LDRP, Ante/Post-Partum). 

The central plant contains 1200 tons of cooling and 9.9 MBH of heating hot water with provisions for future central plant expansion.  The CUP also housing the plumbing equipment (Medical Air Compressor, Medical Vacuum and Domestic Water Heat Exchangers). The hospital air distribution systems comprise of (7) AHU’s and (21) exhaust fans. There is (1) Make Up Air unit serving the kitchen hoods. The project has also employed a cooling only VRF system for the main lobby & admittance area while providing a heat recovery VRF system for the administrative offices.

The plumbing consisted of above and below ground sanitary waste & vent, underground grease waste, domestic water, soft water, compressed air, natural gas, propane gas, and RO and all of the medical gasses and vacuum.  

WDM installed both wet and dry sides of the mechanical systems. The mechanical systems included medium pressure supply, return air, low pressure, exhaust air as well as stainless steel ductwork for the CSPD area and black iron ductwork for the grease duct. There was also lab ductwork with precision VAV’s (Phoenix/Accuvalves). On the mechanical piping side WDM installed the CHW, HHW, CW, Condensate and refrigerant piping.  WDM subcontracted the insulation, controls, excavation, site gas utilities, test & balance, water treatment as well as crane & rigging. 

Some of the challenges on the project consisted of various shelled area’s as well as an added infill area between the Sonoran and a new ambulatory building to be designed and incorporated during the project.  Original design had shelled out the MRI, Cath Lab, Med/Surg & Post-Partum. Hundreds of additional hours of work was integrated during the original scheduled duration. The out of sequence work had to implemented on very short notice to ensure trades following WDM where not impacted to be able to hold the original schedule.