John C. Lincoln Health Network’s Deer Valley Campus was built in 1985 and the existing Central Plan is located in the basement of the facility. W.D. Manor was selected to provide design assist services to renovate and update the original plant in its existing location, to a new state of the art, low KW per ton chiller plant including a new steam plant with high efficiency boilers. The hospitals primary objective was to never interrupt the existing services fed from the central plant.

The project included a complete renovation of the existing 600 ton plant to a capacity of 1350 tons. Due to the space constrains the new chillers required evaporator/condenser/compressors shipped separately for assembly in place. Additionally, a new primary/secondary chilled water pumping system was installed in a space saving layout. Manor’s BIM department meticulously planned the installation to conserve space and height, while providing a low head, low energy piping design to complement the high efficiency equipment.

The new steam plant required removal and reinstallation of the steam generating equipment without interruption.  That plant originally utilized heating hot water boilers as well as domestic hot water heaters. The retrofit included a steam generated heating hot system complete with heat exchangers and pumps, as well as a steam generated domestic hot water system.  The entire condensate return system was retrofitted with steam powered condensate pumps, a dual tank boiler feed system and boiler feed water economizers for optimum energy efficiency. W.D. Manor, along with our partner subcontractors, performed the entire installation in record time with zero interruptions of existing services.