The WDMDB Dialysis Box is built and fabricated as follows:

  • All of the wetted components in the dialysis box are lead free.
  • The WDMDB is built with an 18 gauge stainless steel access box, including a separate pre-manufactured stainless steel access door.
  • The door is fabricated to swing open for either right or left hand installations.
  • The dialysis box access door comes standard with a 90-degree swing with a concealed hinge.
  • The actuator for the access door can be custom ordered, however a knurled knob is standard.
  • The dialysis box is manufactured with dual purpose mounting tabs for finish paneling or millwork.
  • The dialysis box incorporates a testable reduced pressure backflow preventer designed for extreme hazard conditions. The backflow prevention device is a UPC code requirement for most all cities and municipalities to protect the potable water source from possible contaminants generated by the dialysis machines
  • The dialysis box includes a trap primer to insure periodic priming of the p-trap connected to the fixture drain and the sanitary sewer, the trap primer is also typically a UPC code requirement.

The dialysis box includes a protective, drop down, stainless steel drip tray. When the door is closed the drip tray fits inside the box, and when opened it should be folded down to prevent spillage on the wall or cabinet. The point of connection from the dialysis box to the dialysis machine is with a male hose thread.

W.D. Manor Dialysis Box

US PATENT 8834718
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W.D. Manor Dialysis Box w/ Thermostatic Mixing Valve

US PATENT 9724457
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