Banner University Medical Center Phoenix is a remake of the original Good Samaritan Medical Center. The 700,000-sq.-ft. Emergency Department and Patient Tower Expansion project includes a three-story podium that accommodates the emergency department relocation, new observation space on the first floor and surgery expansion and administration on the second floor. A 13-story patient tower is built on top of this podium and houses 256 patient beds. This project includes extensive relocation of existing hospital utilities.

Project team members from Banner Health, DPR Construction, HKS Architects, Inc. and W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors worked collaboratively in a single Big Room space on site. This cohabitation allows the team to leverage one another’s unique expertise in real time to work through challenges quickly and explore out-of-the-box problem solving. Slated for completion in 2018, the Big Room environment has supported millions of dollars in project savings to date.

The Mechanical Systems include relocation of the 7,000-ton chilled water distribution system and the 1,300 boiler Hp heating hot water system through an overhead bridge and trestle system. The existing steam boilers are being converted to hot water to reduce energy consumption and the hot water is being used to eliminate steam usage throughout the campus. The HHW system is also used to generate DHW through FDA approved heat exchangers. The ductwork system in the facility includes 300,000 cfm of air delivery, extensive MPSA, MPRA, EXH and LPSA totaling over 700,000 pound of metal.  A decoupled plate and frame chilled and hot water heat exchangers allow for the 300’ tower to withstand the excessive pumping pressures.

The Plumbing systems for this facility included complete medical gas systems (vacuum, nitrogen, oxygen, medical air, CO2, N2O) with standard plumbing installations as required in a healthcare facility (roof drains, soil, waste and vent system, domestic cold and hot water, soft hot water, RO).  The 14-story patient tower is being prefabricated at Manor fabrication facility to allow for installation speed and schedule compression.