Banner Ocotillo Medical Center is a brand new facility serving the east valley. The 245,000-sq.-ft

Medical center contains a two story D&T, housing an emergency department, intensive care unit,

Imaging and operating theater. The four story Patient Tower built directly next to the D&T offers labor and delivery complete with 96 patients beds. The construction team worked in an open BIM model to coordinate, plan and detail the MEP systems throughout. The mechanical systems include: Two 45,000 CFM air handlers serving the D&T and a 37,500 cfm air handler dedicated to the surgery center. These air handlers support a VAV box air delivery system with a heating hot water loop. The Patient tower utilizes two 41,000 cfm air handlers using 100% outside air to serve an innovative active chilled beam system. 

Along with an extensive prefabrication of the MEP systems the construction team employed the use of shared unistrut racks. These 16ft X 8ft racks where delivered to WD Manors shop where the fab shop installed, tested and insulated the MEP systems prior to shipping to the site. Once onsite these racks where hoisted into place, fastened and connected to each other. This allowed a “complete” install, reducing jobsite manpower, material storage and equipment.

The central utility plant supplies 1125 tons of chilled water with space to expand for a total of 1500 tons of chilled water. The two condensing boilers provide 6,500,000 BTUs to the heating system. The boilers supply heating water to two FDA approved plate and frame heat exchangers to supply the campus with domestic hot water. The Plumbing systems include medical gas systems (vacuum, oxygen, medical air, WAGD, n2o installed in prefabbed headwalls. All standard plumbing installations for a medical facility were performed (roof drains, soil, waste and vent system, domestic cold and hot water, soft water, RO). Extensive prefabrication of the piping systems was performed at Manors fabrication facility. Implemented prefab unistrut racks with domestic hot and cold, heating hot water and all 5 medical gas spanning a single rack system. This allowed a clean work area without use of multiple pipe stock racks freeing up floor space.