Banner Desert Medical Center – 3C Postpartum Remodel and AHU

Banner Desert 3C Postpartum Remodel and AHU project was complete remodel of Banner Desert Medical Center’s C Tower’s 3rd Floor.  The existing 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of C Tower each have (36) small (+/- 150 SF) inpatient rooms and this project is intended to provide (24) larger (+/- 250 SF) Banner template, AIA 2010 compliant, postpartum rooms.

Do to the complexity of the previous 36 room layout and the “new” 24 room layout, all plumbing water, waste, vent and roof drain stack riser piping had to be offset in the 2nd floor ceiling to new 3rd floor wall locations and then reconnected in the 3rd floor ceiling to keep the other floors operational during construction as these other floors would not be remodeled to the new 24 room template until a future date. When this offset piping relocation occurred, future waste & vent pipe and fittings were added along with domestic water valves to minimize disruption to the floors above and below for future connection of the new piping from the 3rd floor.

Each floor of the original design is served by dedicated air handlers located in mechanical rooms on the particular floor served. As a part of this project scope, a new 44,000cfm Huntair air handling unit was installed on the roof to serve two floors (1st & 3rd) with provisions of adding a future 44,000cfm air handling unit to serve the remaining two floors(2nd & 4th) at a later date when those floors are remodeled to match the new Banner 24 room template. Two new shafts were constructed on the south side of the building to accommodate the new 90”x70” supply air and return air duct from the AHU down the building with dampers at all four floors. The existing air handlers on the 1st floor and the 3rd floor were removed and the new AHU shaft ductwork was connected to feed the floors. At a future date when the 2nd & 4th floors are remodeled, the 2nd 44,000cfm AHU will be added on the roof and the AHU’s serving those floors will be removed as well.. The floors will then be connected to the dampers provided in the new ductwork shaft.

As always, the fast track construction was aided by the fully coordinated BIM model driven and managed by W.D. Manor.