The construction team is selected for their expertise and experience given the complexity of the project. We begin the process for preparing the project for construction prior to mobilizing our work force.  Construction drawings are transformed into 3-Dimensional BIM documents, then reviewed and coordinated by the same lead men that perform the installation. Conflicts will be determined, analyzed and resolved prior to field installation.With roots dating back to 1945 we are blessed with construction’s greatest asset, trained and experienced manpower.

Installation - Place Near Manu

Installation – Place Near Manu

Our project managers and supervisory level tradesmen have countless years of experience and many of them had their start in the industry at the apprenticeship level at W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors.  Most have been with our company for at least 10 years, and some as many as 45 years.  Quality is truly what W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors is known for, and we are proud of that reputation in the construction industry, especially in the large commercial field.  We are viewed as one of the highest quality mechanical contractors in the Valley and we have our project managers, general foreman and foreman to thank for that reputation.

Our project sites have safe, trained, qualified journeymen and apprentice trades-persons. We also provide a DRUG FREE work force. Work forces are outfitted with adequate materials, tools and equipment to perform their work. In addition, a site specific safety competent person(s) works closely with W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors’ safety manager, and project site safety personnel.

Installation - Underground Duct

Installation – Underground Duct

We feel that the completion of the project is as important as the beginning. Our installation procedures have the end product in mind. Thorough completion and start-up procedure begin long before the completion date. It is our intent to present fully operating mechanical and plumbing systems at turnover.

Mission Statement

W. D. Manor is committed to uncompromised quality and service. We provide the best possible mechanical contractor products, services and leadership. We emphasize teamwork, unparalleled training and development of our employees with continuous improvement in everything we do.

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